Experience makes a difference. With over 31 years of experience in the packaging and industrial products field, we can bring you the most efficient products that provide your customers the most value for their money. Our representatives have been in the distributor's shoes for much of their careers and understand the complexities of program selling, inventory turns and other key programs and metrics within distribution. It is beneficial for you our partner to know that we understand your business completely.


Quality makes a difference. We have built our business by satisfying the distributor's needs. We know your credibility is at stake with the manufacturers and products you introduce to your customers. As a result, our involvement starts from the beginning with you on new projects. We understand that our mutual success is dependent on understanding needs, product specifications, manufacturing, product packaging and deadlines.


Responsiveness makes a difference. Technology has increased access to information and reduced time frames to get this information. Your customers as a result need greater responsiveness and shorter lead times on products they receive from you. We understand this new demand and work diligently with our mills to insure that you have information, quotations and shipments in an inordinately timely manner.



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