Polyethylene Products

Bags that make storage of items easy convenient and economical

Custom runs are our specialty.

Poly Bags

Durable plastics bags used in many applications within packaging. Manufactured using using FDA approved resins typically.

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Gaylord Bags

Protect raw materials within a large corrugated box or Bin during storage or transport of the material.

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Drum and Pail Bags

Polyethylene liner to protect products from outside elements.

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Rigid Drum Inserts

Available in Hi-Density and Lo-Density without seams. Has lip to hold bag in place. These liners are leakproof.

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Salvage Drum Bags

Heavy weight poly bags for salvage waste containment.

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Drum and Dust covers

Elastic edged drum covers protect drum contents from destructive contaminents.

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Pallet covers

Strategically fitted Polyethylene Covers that protect pallets from contaminents.

Furniture Bags

Bags constructed for common furniture piece sizes.

Mattress covers

Bags manufactured specifically for mattress and box spring sizes.

Mailer Bags (poly)

Lip and tape sealed co-extruded bags for shipping of products through the mail or parcel post (typically white outside gray inside) Can be printed.

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Wicketed and staple packed bags

Unitized bundle of bags using wire wicket or header card that facilitates ease of packaging

Wicketed and staple pack bags are configured in a way that makes packaging of items more efficient and as a result more cost effective.

For a maximum cost savings consider our 0.0005 Hi-Density material for your application.
(Bags pictured are on a wire wicket)

Custom Printed Poly Bags

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Custom Center folded & Single wound sheeting

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Mono SWS up to 142" in width
Co-ex SWS up to 120" in width